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Darkness and Northern Lights

Winter in Nyksund is very different from summer. In November and December the darkness is very clear. A little light pollution amplifies both darkness and light at this time. Clear weather and starry skies often also provide northern lights, while cloudy weather makes the darkness overwhelming. The days are short, but at times you will witness a fantastic light while it is still daylight. During this period it is very quiet in Nyksund and you have definitely come to the right place if you seek peace and tranquility. If you are lucky, the silence could be interrupted by a real winter storm.

There is rarely snow in the area. This means that hiking in the mountains is possible even in the dark. With good ice cream and a headlamp you can have an experience you will not forget.

Throughout January, the light gradually returns and in Nyksund  — weather permitting — it is possible to see the  the sun over the horizon on approximately January 24th. Activity in the area gradually increases as Winter’s big crayfish are approaching and Nyksund is waking up a bit. The Expedition Vertsbrygge or Holmvik Brygge is usually open on weekends and a fishing boat comes in with fresh fish. As the sun gets closer, you can experience a brilliant light.

February and March are our favorite times.While sitting at the breakfast table, you can watch the sky slowly light up as the fishing boats fill the sea. The light is especially nice at this time as it is extra brilliant. As days go by, there is also a rich bird life. Among other species, there are many eagles in the area which often fly relatively close to the house.

The fishing is a big part of the experience if you visit Nyksund in late winter. The famous “Lofot fishing” has moved a little further north and Øksnes is now one of Norway’s most important fishing municipalities. In Nyksund you get close to coastal fishing because you see the boats in action. The binoculars are in frequent use at this time of the year.


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