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Unforgettable summer in the north

Summer in the north is an experience both for those who live there and those who visit the region. The bright nights confuse biology for a true phenomenon of nature.

It is a delight to walk Queen Square at night in the midnight sun. The best reasons to wait and hike at night is the silence, little flies and of course the midnight sun. It is a magical experience and guaranteed to be the highlight of your Summer.

Boat trips are great both day and night, whether it is on a fishing boat or Rib-boat or whale watching. An evening ride with Rib- boat out to Anda Fyr is an experience. Eagles, cormorants, puffins, seals and perhaps whales can all be seen and heard in droves.

Nyksund is an active and vibrant place at this time of year. The Vertsbrygge and Naustvika expeditions are two very good restaurants. Holmvik Brygge and Arthur Brygga have a pub / cafe and there are galleries, exhibitions and various outlets in the “town”. There are many different accommodation options in Nyksund, but of course we recommend our house which is only a 10 minute walk away from Nyksund.

Concerts and exhibitions as well as other activities vary throughout the summer. It’s also nice to just walk around, see and feel the mood. Let your thoughts wander back to that time when Nyksund was an active and vibrant fishing village.

In addition to the well-known Dronningruta, there are many different hikes that can be experienced in the municipality. There are nice hiking trails to suit every need and experience level and all provide fabulous views.


The house at Skåltofta

If you just want a quiet and peaceful day, then our house is an excellent place to “kick back and just do nothing”.

Sit on the stairs, drink your coffee and enjoy the morning sun. Dine outside as you sit and enjoy the breathtaking views. If the weather is such that nightlife does not tempt, you experience nature inside the house as well. All rooms in the house are situated so as to take full advantage of the spectacular views. The view from the bath must surely be Norway’s finest – and quite possibly the best in the world.


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