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Experience Nyksund and the surrounding area

Nyksund, with its special history, is a place you will always remember when after your first visit. Spend some time learning about the place and history before you arrive and feel the atmosphere as you stroll around the old fishing village. Today, art, culture and good food dominate. The fish landing has long since moved, but the municipality is still one of Norway’s most important fishing municipalities.

Nyksund is surrounded by breath-taking nature displaying a wild and beautiful landscape with mountains perfect for hiking including the world famous Queen Route.

In addition to the Queen route (which also starts right next to the house), there is a vast selection of marked trails in the municipality. The trip to Gisløyskaga, for example, is 5.5 km in flat terrain and the widest trail. It is a lovely hike for young and old alike. The more than 150 marked hiking trails in Vesterålen make selecting the trail to meet your requirements an easy choice.

An equally important part of the natural experience is the sea. One can sit for hours watching the sea break, making even storms a wonderful experience. But, the best thing is to actually go out to sea —  either with Rib-boat or on a fishing boat. Fishing excursions can be arranged or a scenic, relaxing boat trip to look at the wonders of nature including puffins, eagles and several other bird species, as well as seals, whales and more is possible. Whale watching is organized throughout the summer season.

Explore Nyksund and the surrounding area:

How to get to Skåltofta and Nyksund

Fly to Harstad / Narvik or to Stokmarknes. You will need your own car to get around the area. Drive towards Sortland, then follow signs for Myre and then towards Nyksund. The nearest village and shop is Myre which is about a mile from Nyksund.

Distance by car:
From Harstad / Narvik Airport: approx. 2.5 hours
From Stokmarknes Airport: approx. 1.0 hours
From Sortland: approx. 45 min
From Myre: approx. 15 min (Lots of photo opportunities en route  – it’s spectacular!)



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